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Bathsheba - Christ Church - Deacons Farm - Fitts Village - Holetown - Kingsland Gardens - Maxwell - Paynes Bay - Rendezvous - Rockley - Saint James - Silver Sands - St Lawrence Gap - Sunset Crest - Warrens - Worthing

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Bathsheba - Bridgetown - Christchurch - Christ Church - Holetown - St James - St Lawrence - Saint Peter - The Garrison - West Indies - Worthing
Maps Barbados America Portland Thicket Jackson Prospect Holetown.The island was uninhabited when first settled by the British in 1627. Slaves worked the sugar plantations established on the island until 1834 when slavery was abolished. The economy remained heavily dependent on sugar, rum, and molasses production through most of the 20th century. The gradual introduction of social and political reforms in the 1940s and 1950s led to complete independence from the UK in 1966. In the 1990s, tourism and manufacturing surpassed the sugar industry in economic importance. LOCATION: Caribbean, island between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, northeast of Venezuela CLIMATE: Tropical; rainy season (June to October) BORDERS:None More...Barbados today is a blend of African, English and North American cultures. Unlike many of the other islands of the Caribbean, it was colonized by just one European nation -- England. This connection is still evident throughout Barbados, from the island's particularly British nickname quot;Bimshirequot;or quot;Bimquot; for short, to the names of many of the areas throughout the island. In the mid 1600's, when the first settlers arrived, the island was said to have been uninhabited. Therefore, there was no one to greet the Englishmen who claimed the island for the British Crown. However, succeeding generations have perfected the art of hospitality. Word of this must have reached George Washington, the 1st American president, because Barbados is the only location outside of the United States that he ever visited.
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