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Hostels in Uganda

Entebbe - Jinja - Kabale - Kampala - Kichwamba - Murchison Falls National Park

Hotels in Uganda

Maps Soroti Mbale Jinja tororo Entebbe Kabarole maps Uganda.Uganda achieved independence from the UK in 1962. The dictatorial regime of Idi AMIN (1971-79) was responsible for the deaths of some 300,000 opponents; guerrilla war and human rights abuses under Milton OBOTE (1980-85) claimed another 100,000 lives. During the 1990s the government promulgated non-party presidential and legislative elections.Location: Eastern Africa, west of Kenya Climate: Tropical; generally rainy with two dry seasons (December to February, June to August); semiarid in northeast Borders: Democratic Republic of the Congo 765 km, Kenya 933 km, Rwanda 169 km, Sudan 435 km, Tanzania 396 km More... Uganda was made up of four kingdoms and many tribes before it was ceded to Britain, in 1890. Bunyoro was the first of the great Ugandan kingdoms aroundnbsp; the 15th century. During disharmony in the late 18th century, the governor of Buganda declared his independence from Bunyoro, and the new kingdom soon became the major lake state. Two smaller kingdoms, Ankole and Toro, also seceded from Bunyoro. The first Europeans to visit Uganda were British explorers searching for the source of the River Nile. Protestant and Roman Catholic missionaries soon followed, and the factions they created caused a civil war in Buganda. The British ended the disturbances, and used Bugandan forces to help conquer the other kingdoms and tribes. The name Uganda was adopted in 1896. The British protectorate gained independence on October 6, 1962. Within Uganda are Lakes George and Kyoga, and parts of Lakes Victoria, Edward, and Albert form its borders with neighbouring Kenya, Tanzania, and Zaire. These lakes and most of Uganda's rivers form parts of the basin of the upper River Nile -- feeding the White Nile that flows through Sudan. Uganda's highest peak is Mount Margherita (5,119 m), in the snowy Ruwenzori range, on the south-west border with Zare.
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